The Nothing phone (1) has successfully launched its launch where it counts

A little more than two months after its launch, we learned that the Nothing phone (1) succeeded in making a place au soleil sur le marché indien, one of the most important smartphone manufacturers.

Le Nothing Phone (1) profite d’un launch a priori réussi en Inde, et c’est un bon début // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

A crucial market for electronic brands, a fortiori for smartphone manufacturers, India seems to smile at nothing. We learn in effect that the premier smartphone of the firm, the phone (1), s’est d’ores. et déjà fait a place in the Indian market of telephony, where more than 100 000 copies were sold by Flipkart (partenaire local de launch pour Nothing).

The volume distributed in August, is a period of 20 days of marketing, it is more notable that the device was the best-selling smartphone by Flipkart in the price range. In India, the phone Nothing (1) sold for a little over 30,000 rupees, or around 430 euros HT. Let us remind you that the Indian market is particular in that it is dominated by Samsung and Xiaomi, followed by Vivo, Realme and Oppo — each with between 4 and 7.1 million units sold per quarter, far ahead of Nothing — and that Apple it does not appear in the top 5 des plus gros vendeurs.

A smartphone that arouses a lot of interest in India

Comme le saliente GSMArena, quis’est entretenu en exclusivity with Manu Sharma, director of Nothing India, ce chiffre s’avère of very good augure for a new acteur on the market hyper compétitif (voire carrément satur) du smartphone. More than 10 million Flipkart customers would have turned on the e-commerce site’s notifications to be informed of the device’s launch.

If the number may seem modest with respect to the Indian population (1.38 million inhabitants), a significant sign of interest is expected for a smartphone and a brand, which they are not though. Sans s’en cacher, Nothing prévoit d’ailleurs de lancer d’outros appareils that will allow an ecosystem of products to be quickly established.

In attendant, the brand combs against to position itself among the premieres in the deployment of Android 13. For Manu Sharma, the idea is the proposer of phone users Nothing (1) a real software experience on the problem… It includes the new version of Android 13 to enjoy Android on your phone (1).

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