Should I buy the new Apple headphones?

three years Voila for the moment Apple’s rhythm is trying to renew its listeners. After AirPods 3, AirPods Pro need to evolve. Apple assures: this second generation – although it does not revolutionize the industry – upsets the established order. First, thanks to an even improved audio quality, but above all, an active noise reduction (and a transparent mode) without common measure.

If the design of AirPods Pro 2 appears in all points identical to the first generation, it is the same object of some adjustments. Apple promises that autonomy has also been improved and that the new features will refine an already very rich audio experience. In the resume, the AirPods Pro 2 is almost an AirPods Max or the cutouts of the format.

Est ce vraiment le cas? Nous avons voulu le verifier pending a few weeks. Then, Should you buy the AirPods Pro 2?

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Yes for quality audio

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Along with the release of the AirPods Pro three years ago, Apple released the first active noise-cancelling headphones to the general public.

Aujourd’hui, le marché s’est étoffé with new reference brands such as Sony or Bose, pour ne citer qu eux. And in three years, technologies will evolve. To save a length of advance, Apple se devait donc d’ameliorier sa recette, déjà très bonne.

AirPods Pro 2 ship like this new transducers and new controllers (the 11 mm toujours) more effective. We do not require the details, they are classified “top secret”. To accompany this material, Apple unveils the new H2 chip.

In addition powerful, it allows to improve the quality of the son and the reduction of the active bruit. We are interested here in the premier volet.

Apple admits, the improvements will be especially noticeable with well-defined musical styles: hip-hop, rock and pop. In general, music with a lot of bass resonates better with the new generation.

In fact, Apple has worked especially hard on the balance of bass frequencies. The performance of voices (bass mediums) and the change of information for the first AirPods Pro. Cela n’empêche pas a nouvelle generation from being convincing.

Try AirPods Pro 2 Audio

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The advantage of low-pitched sounds is that they flatter the ears of the biggest name. Et c’est bien ce que cherche Apple: to propose a sound that can please the majority, a universal sound. C’est d’ailleurs pour this reason which is the same for development. The same experience for all, it’s Apple’s watchword when it comes to audio.

A perfect for the bass, and an adjustment of the overall balance, Apple has the quality of its AirPods Pro and, above all, the mark of a signature. The space son is always impressive too.

In terms of son, the AirPods Pro 2 are not open. The most bass presents the fans of the genre and the best coverage of the spectrum that offer the richest experience. AirPods Max headset users recognized Apple’s signature.

Yes to active noise reduction

try AirPods Pro 2 Reduce bruit

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There is no doubt that the best of the AirPods Pro 2. Apple has experienced improving the active noise reduction of its listeners. She promises a twice as efficient reductionon veut bien la croire

In addition, precisely, Apple announces a reduction of 20 to 30 decibels in environmental noise. Confident, the company even allows you to follow all this directly from the Apple Watch. We confirm the reduction of bruit achieved in average les 30 decibels. We even realized it reductions of more than 40 decibels avec des bruits sourds et continuos comme le train ou l’avion.

So the noise reduction of the AirPods Pro 2 is impressive. The engineers promised that their algorithm makes it possible to compensate for the absence of passive isolation that you find with the AirPods Max headset. Without reaching this level, read the AirPods Pro 2 s’en rapprochent. Just bluffing.

Yes for transparency mode

Try Charging AirPods Pro 2 Temps

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Read AirPods Pro 2 Inaugural a new mode of transparency called adaptive. Apple promises to improve the perception of external noises to reduce the volume of aggressive sounds such as public works, klaxons, etc.

Guess what? Ça marche And very well indeed. If it takes a little time to adapt when switching between the ANC and Transparency modes, you will find the sensations you experience in a transparent mode in a few seconds. The music and the ambient sounds regain their balance and the sounds that attack our ears are well attenuated.

The AirPods Pro already debut their competitors this exercise. AirPods Pro 2 are left out.

Bof, for autonomy

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Thanks to the optimization of the new H2 chip, Apple promises 6 hours of continuous listening with noise reduction activated and up to 30 hours recharging the headphones in their case. With ANC off, you can get up to 7 hours of listening time and up to 35 hours in total.

These figures depend bien sûr on the usage that you auraz of the earphones notably on the listening volume, on the use of the transparent mode or even on the number of phone conversations.

After tests in the 01Lab laboratory (simulating a multipurpose use), the AirPods Pro 2 appear une autonomy of 4h39 active ANC and 4h48 healthy. On est donc loin des 6 heures announces by Apple.

However, we noticed that the H2 chip manages to contain power consumption when noise reduction is enabled. But the set is very fair compared to what can be found on the market, and includes compact formats as well.

However, in real conditions, you never want to know if the listeners can accompany you during the day. Si l’on considre quon les retire en arrivant sur notre lieu de travail (au profit d’un casque par exemple pour ceux qui travailunt en open space), alors on tient même plusieurs jours.

Try recharging AirPods Pro 2

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For recharging, Apple now proposes several solutions: wired charging with a Lightning cable, charging by induction. If you opt for a wireless solution, note that the AirPods Pro 2 are compatible with MagSafe chargers and, for the first time, with the Apple Watch.

Bof for custom audio

Try the design of AirPods Pro 2

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Apple has announced a big push into personalized audio to complement spatial audio. If the last one is also bluffing, we are not convenient for custom audio.

Certainly, the addition of a smaller mouthpiece makes the experience more pleasant for small ears. A real manque in the previous generation. But we have a hard time understanding the method used by Apple to personify the child.

In fact, you have to use the iPhone’s front-facing camera to draw a 3D model of your ear. Except qu il s agit de l’extérieur de oreille et qu aucun son n’est émis à l’intérieur pour modeliser le conduit auditorif, là où tout se passe (le son n’étant rien d’autre que la réperduction des ondes sur des parois, roughly).

We do not have to make a particularly sensitive difference once the sound is customized. Rien de grave since the spatial sound quality is already bluffing and the audio experience very pleasant.

Not for the changed design

Try AirPods Pro 2 Dragonne

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Go ahead and buy a new generation of AirPods Pro if you want your design to change a bit. Au risque de décevoir, Apple is not going to pass things like a cell.

Pour la Pomme, the design of the AirPods Pro meets the needs of most users. So why changers? To mark the blow, Apple has added some tweaks.

The most important thing is not to doubt the addition of volume control in the branches. Interesting thing, it’s not possible to go from a low volume to a strong volume in one gesture. With AirPods Pro 2, the volume is changed by paliers, the story of not learning the fragile eardrums. We appreciate the gesture.

The biggest aesthetic changes are actually located on the case. Next to a small attachment allows you to hook a dragon. A low, next to the Lightning, a speaker allows to indicate when the case is recharged and also to trigger a bell when the locator is taken into account.

Why a single color? The white package has been the symbol of Apple listeners since the first iPod. A color that l’on could almost qualify d’iconice. For those and those who wanted a bit of fantasy, there are three options: buy the coques for the case, make the purchase of the AirPods from the specialists or buy the Beats, owned by Apple for some years now.

Not for phone conversations

Try AirPods Pro 2

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It was one of the weak points of the first edition and is still present here. D’aucus we répètent qu’ils participen to keep des conversations claires and of quality with the AirPods Pro, that nonst pas our case. If the AirPods Pro 2 improve the experience, this is not always the case.

When l’on se bade en ville, by bike, on skateboard or on foot, having a conversation is a real challenge. If on entend bien notre interlocuteur, notre voix est difficultement perceptible, voire inaudible. Apple needs to replace its micros and develop a more efficient algorithm, “the accounts are not good”. Every time we have to resume our iPhone in the main to finish the conversations.

The physique is formal: a microphone is not effective that it captures the sound that comes out of the mouth. Or, with the microphones positioned near the ears, it does nothing more than a miracle. This is the case of Apple, but also of the set of manufacturers. sure, AirPods Pro 2 source better than its competitors, but on our faith.

AirPods Pro 2 at the best price
Base price: €299

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Our take on the AirPods Pro 2

Comment you should not be sure about AirPods Pro 2? The condition of being equipped with an iPhone, is imposing as a reference in the market of listeners without son of bruit reduction.

After an impressive first generation, Apple confirms three years later with AirPods Pro 2 and more convincing. With the exception of autonomy, always more than average, Apple managed to improve its recipe.

The sound quality is better, the spatial sound is more effective than ever and the active noise reduction is simply stunning.

We have added to this a transparency mode that does not exist in the market. Nouveau (gross) carton en vue? Probably chez les adorateurs de la Pomme. Chez les autres (c’est-àdire everyone who uses an Android smartphone), models also seduisants voire plus (like the Galaxy Buds Pro 2) also exist.

AirPods Pro 2


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Design an ergonomics


Réduction de bruit (a transparent fashion


Quality-price report


We aim

  • Improved audio quality
  • Impressive noise reduction
  • Transparent mode always on top
  • Integration into the Apple ecosystem

I love you less

  • Unchanged design
  • Average troop autonomy
  • They are still for everyone, pas d’égaliseur
  • Plus chers than the 1ère génération at its exit
  • Telephone conversations are always complicated abroad

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