Remade (Oxygen Phone) in judicial redressement to Poilley, the contest director

François Dehaine, 58 years old, has been the new general manager of the company since the last month of February. (File photo). ©Thomas Savalle

C’est encore une mauvaise nouvelle, redone, company specialized give him reconditioning of smart phones not your headquarters is based Poilley (Manche), it recedes again in uncertainty.

Selling September 23, 2022read commercial court of Coutances an open procedure judicial reparation against the renamed company Oxygen phone.

Geler les dettes

Attention, l’entreprise n’est pas à vendre, for the moment. “Il s’agit de gelator they read you gave etc of companion society to allow him to follow son activity, of conservative they read jobs et de parvenir à refund les créanciers”, emphasizes the prosecutor of the Republic.

C’est d’abord une période of observation of six months which was used to check and compile les you gave one judicial mandate it should arrive on September 19th.

“We are very surprised by the decision”

Francois Dehainethe general manager of redone, upon learning of the court’s decision on Friday. « )

The phone case market is booming with the decarbonization of the planet

Francois Dehaine

“The prosecutor assigned a report from the labor inspector. She made frequent visits to the company and found a real lack of work,” says François Dehaine.

Finances and fundraising

But things have changed since then. The company managed to fundraisers to finance this growth. Oxygen phone a new partnership on September 6 with Supply GZan actor of reconditioning This company based on Toulouse.

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It will provide commercial strength and our industrial capacity.

Francois Dehaine

Poilley’s society is also planned for tablet and MacBook refurbishing.

A blow with the covid

The Sud-Manche society took advantage during the covid crisis. ” We kept all the salaries. In 2020, the company was compensated during the four quarters. In 2021, l “administration n’a plus voulu. On s’est retrouvé with plus de salariés que besoin”, assures the general manager.

211 licensed salaries

As a reminder, on January 16, 2020, the company was liquidated. 211 salaries out of 328 have lost their jobs. The company had been raided in January 2020 by Britannique. Suresh Radhakrishnanthe current president of Remade Technology Company.

Where was he in the slaughterhouse

The wages that remain vont encore live in a difficult period. “On estaba dans a salle de l’battoir”, an ex-employee reported to the labor council, Tuesday 28 June 2022, in Avranches.

A judicial information against X

On should still understand talking longuement about this society. “A judicial information against X was opened on June 23”, confirmed Philippe Astruc, prosecutor of the Republic of the judicial court from Rennes to the Gazette de la Manche.

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