Promotion of -173€ for the French days

Those familiar with the iPhone, iPad, or Mac know this: Apple doesn’t like promotions. Whether on their website or in store, they don’t offer discounts on their products: they love fixed prices!

On the occasion of French dayscette extraordinary promotion period qui n’a lieu what unites you went couple yearit’s time to take advantage of iPhone discounts that are exceptionally on sale!

If you’re considering changing your phone and looking for a cheap iPhone, this is your chance to take advantage. Take advantage of this short-term event to offer yourself an Apple smartphone before it’s too late.

We set out to find the best deals and have selected the iPhone SE 2022 64GB at a reduced price for you!

iPhone SE 2022 64GB for 386.99 instead of €559!

iPhone SE 2022 64GB Black It is equipped with an A15 bionic chip that provides fluid and fast execution. The improved battery is rechargeable up to 50% in 30 minutes. It can be recharged via an adapter or wireless et peut fits in Smart Data mode to maintain autonomy.

iPhone SE 2022 64 GB offers a plus performance liquid etc harmonious ; in 5G the rendering is really nice, with less latency and une high resolution during FaceTime calls.

Étanche, the iPhone offers one remarkable resistance to water. Don’t despair anymore if you spill soda or coffee on your smartphone. It is also equipped with a anti-dust protection et résiste très bien aux éclaboussures.

Resolution level, the smartphone methodically uses the good settings to have a natural reproduction sur les teintes du ciel etc. The video quality is particularly impressive, capturing details and contours even when it is dark.

The main button est toujours presents dessus, with Touch ID to access apps faster and more securely.

Pour profiter de l’offre avant qu il ne soit trop tard c’est par ici. Save €15 more with the code RAKUTEN15 and treat yourself iPhone SE 2022 for €384.99, that’s a total saving of €174!

Do you need more memory on your smartphone? Voici iPhone SE2022 128 Get black for €495.99 instead of €629!

With the code RAKUTEN15 you pay even less €480.99!

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