L’entreprise manchoise Oxygen Phone, ancienment Remade, placed in judicial redressement

The mancheiro telephone conditioning company Oxygen phone, formerly Remade, is a new position in judicial repairThe commercial court issued its decision on Friday 23 September on the proposal of l’usine de Poilley (Sud Manche)

La the procedure must allow the structure to continue the activity in preserving jobs. Ces prochains mois, this observation period aura aussi pour but de “compiler and check dettes”, according to the words of Justice.

Remade, he had known the flourishing debuts in his creation in 2014, devenant French leader in smartphone and tablet packaging in 2016. But since 2019, l’entreprise enchaîne les déboires. Liquidated at the end of 2019, resumed in 2020 but with more than 200 licensed employees, it tried to relaunch itself.

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