L’App store d’Apple contested before the court par l’Etat français

“Est ce que vous m’autorisez à utiliser mon ordinateur? Car j’ai mis beaucoup de données dessus, et c’est un Apple, donc je ne voudrais pas that cela me soit proché.” Le juge du tribunal de commerce was taquin on Friday, September 23. On the left, des bancs ben garnis de robes pour defend Apple. On the right, two representatives of the Ministère de l’Economie. In the center of the Apple store and above all the practices and commissions taken by the firm to the apple in every transaction made on this platform. After 3 hours of debate, improvement techniques, the debate can be simplified. Can Apple impose a fee for developers to market their applications? Or is it a link that creates a significant imbalance to the detriment of French development? The contracts in question date from 2015 and 2016.

For the representative of the Ministry of Economy, with “acceptance in the exclusivity of Apple’s payment system, a developer finds himself coincident and can leave more. Apple imposes the commission of 30% on the development and so on Fine à l’utilisateur end. This is the cell that was blamed in the United States for Fortnite.”

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