Apple appeals to customers for unlimited AppleCare+ repairs in cases of accidental damage

Also, earlier this month, Apple quietly introduced some changes to the AppleCare+ plan, which extends the warranty of Apple products and also adds coverage for accidental damage. While AppleCare + offered a service for two accidents, Apple now claims that repairs are “unlimited”.

On Friday, the company began sending emails to AppleCare+ customers to remind them of this change.

Which isn’t for AppleCare+ customers

The email sent by Apple once again reinforces the fact that devices covered by the AppleCare + plan can now benefit from unlimited repairs for accidental damage instead of just two incidents every 12 months. Ceci, ben sûr, n’est valid que pendant que le plan est actif et en vigueur.

The company also claims that the additional protections are “at no extra charge” and that customers do not have to do anything to get unlimited accidental damage protection.

Your AppleCare+ plan now protects your covered device against an unlimited number of incidents of accidental damage due to tampering (instead of two incidents every 12 months) to keep the plan active and effective. Each incident is subject to applicable service charges. This additional protection is free and there is nothing you can do about it.

However, it is not clear if Apple is serious about “unlimited repairs” or if the company has practical limitations to prevent abuse.

AppleCare+ prices vary by device and customers have the option of paying a monthly subscription or the full price. For the iPhone 14, AppleCare+ costs $9.99 per month or $199 full price. It’s worth noting that even with an AppleCare+ subscription, you still have to pay Apple’s service charges if your device needs repair.

Go back and forth with AppleCare+

Apple also has a plan AppleCare + plus cher qui couvre le vol et la perte. Bien que ce plan é also mis avec des réparations limitlesses, il non couvre toujours que jusqu’à deux incidents de flight ou de perte par an.

Further details on AppleCare + can be found on Apple’s official website.

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